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          With the explosive progress in technology, engineering and information systems, our professional skills can reach and benefit people across the world more than any other time in history.  Venture is designed to challenge those who are able to sacrifice a time from their career so that others may know the love of God. 

          It is through this opportunity of fulfilling a local need that the love of God is made visible to people who are otherwise isolated.   Short-term missions have a place in spreading the good news of God.  The following are a sample of the growing opportunites in this venture.

Use your nursing skills
in East Africa

If you're looking for a place to use your nursing skills, look no further. Spend six months or more on a multi-cultural team in East Africa that runs a medical clinic, a primary school and an orphanage as an outreach to the people and refugees in the area. See to the health needs of orphans and staff and learn language while reaching out to the unreached people group you live among.

Sports camps in Central Asia

Some people see just a ball, but others see it an opportunity. A Pioneers team in the Caucasus sees just that. They want to use that ball to reach the lost. They are focused on using sports as a means of connecting with the local Muslims and seek new teammates who are able to run sports camps in various sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling or rock climbing. Are you ready to use your sporting ability to reach the lost? Apply here today, or contact Pioneers with any questions.

Social Media Outreach

Are you able to successfully manage and grow followers in social media accounts?  If so, we’d love for you to come to South Asia to help us engage local people using your skills. We began a multimedia campaign to engage young men from the unreached people group we serve. Have fun managing the Facebook page. Curate and create content for the website. Use this as a way to introduce truth to thousands of young Hindu men.

Work in business
in Central Asia

In a city founded over 2000 years ago during the height of trade on one of the routes of the anient Silk Road, a Pioneers team is running an animal feed business. They are looking for an animal feed specialist and an accountant who will help them further their business goals. It's a means of helping them contribute to the economy in the region's agricultural industries while building relationships with individuals from the two Turkic people groups of that city. 

Construction & maintenance
in East Africa

A team in East Africa is seeking an individual who is able to build and perform necessary maintenance at an orphanage, primary school and medical clinic. Work among locals and refugees to keep the compound running smoothly, reach out to the surrounding bush villages and train local workers in construction methods. You will have opportunities to train people who have need of your skills while communicating God's love to them by sharing your faith in Christ.

Teach literacy in
in Mexico

Join other teachers to teach literacy in schools. Disciple through adult education facilities. Help the locals in a place with an illiteracy rate of 98 percent to assist in job finding.

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